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Subhojit Guha Roy

10/1/20232 min read


🚀 Creating Super Offers! 🚀

Hello, everyone! 👋

In business, making offers that everyone loves is like putting together a cool puzzle. I've learned some great ideas, and I want to share them with you.

🎯 The Offer Recipe 🎯

🧩 Know Your Customers: To make an offer that everyone loves, you need to understand what your customers really like. What problems do they have, and what would make them happy? That's the first step.

🌟 Lots of Good Stuff: Imagine you're making an amazing ice cream sundae. Your offer should be like that ice cream, but with extra yummy toppings. Make it so amazing that everyone wants a bite!

🔥 Act Fast! Sometimes, we want something more when we know it won't be there for long. Offers can be like that too. Say, "You have to grab this now, or it'll be gone!" That makes people excited to get it.

🗣️ The Shareable Offer 🗣️

Now, here's something fun: I want to make an offer that's so cool, you'll want to tell your customers about it! 😲

Introducing a 2nd hand phone: For example the phone real price is $500, but now would you be interested to buy an 2nd hand phone at the same price? No!
But what if I say you will get the phone (Worth $500), not just that, You will get additional bonus of-

500 Contact Numbers of Amazing Business Persons inside the phone (Worth $50,000)
2. 100 Money making Ebooks (Worth $10,000)
3. 10 Tools that I Regularly use for My Business (Worth $20,000)
4. All Our Sales Call Recordings (Worth $20,000)

Total Value ($1,00,500)
You are getting at $2,500

Now, you will say yes and can invest 5X of the actual price.
So always offer something which is a Real Offer.
(NOTE: This is not a process to fraud someone, here we are created an offer it is really worth that much and people will feel stupid saying No.)

This offer isn't just good for you; it's great for your customers too. Tag someone you know who would love this. Let's help them get something awesome! 🚀
Together, we can spread happiness! 💪

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