Welcome to the digital realm of Subhojit Guha Roy. As a seasoned Business Strategist, I specialize in propelling knowledge-based businesses to new heights. My expertise in designing high-converting business funnels has empowered countless professionals, amplifying their digital presence and impact.

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Our mission

At DigiHunt (GoDigiHunt.com), we are dedicated to empowering the knowledge business. Our mission is to support coaches, consultants, trainers, and experts in scaling their ventures. Through our specialized focus on high-converting sales funnels and a deep understanding of not just our clients but also their students, we strive to make a significant impact. We believe in the power of expertise, and our commitment lies in providing root-level support, ensuring that every expert we work with reaches their fullest potential

Our vision

To be the leading community of experts, transforming the lives of millions through knowledge. In five years, we envision ourselves as the trusted partner for premium experts aiming for 8-figure success, creating a ripple effect of empowerment and growth

About DigiHunt

Empowering Expertise with Strategic Growth Solutions

Welcome to DigiHunt, the nexus where unparalleled expertise converges with strategic growth. Established in August 2019, we've been at the forefront of crafting high-converting sales funnels tailored for business success. With a remote team of dedicated professionals, we've been serving our clients for over 4 years, ensuring they achieve their business aspirations.

Our Philosophy: At DigiHunt, we believe in the transformative power of a meticulously structured sales funnel. We don't just create funnels; we engineer pathways that guide potential clients through a seamless buyer's journey, optimizing for maximum conversions.

Our Mission: Our goal is straightforward - to metamorphose the unique knowledge and skills of experts into a robust business framework. We aim to be the catalyst that propels your business to new zeniths, helping you carve a niche and establish a commanding presence in your domain.

Why Choose DigiHunt? If you're a coach, consultant, trainer, or an industry maven, DigiHunt is your strategic partner in unlocking your business's latent potential. Together, let's transform your expertise into a beacon of growth and success.

About MonkEducation

Empowering Minds, Enriching Lives

Welcome to MonkEducation, a trailblazing online educational community where the thirst for knowledge meets the wisdom of experts. Established as a beacon for continuous learning, our platform seamlessly connects eager learners with industry mavens, offering a treasure trove of insights and expertise.

Our Philosophy: MonkEducation stands as a testament to the transformative power of education. We fervently believe that knowledge is the key to unlocking financial freedom and establishing oneself as a domain expert. Our commitment lies in democratizing access to top-tier coaching, ensuring that financial constraints never hinder one's educational journey.

Our Mission: Our compass is set on a clear mission - to arm individuals with the knowledge arsenal they need to achieve both financial independence and mastery in their chosen fields. We envision a world where high-quality education is not a luxury but a fundamental right.

Why MonkEducation?

  • Expert-Led Learning: Delve into diverse subjects, guided by the very best in the industry.

  • Uncompromised Quality: Every course we offer is a testament to our commitment to educational excellence.

  • Entrepreneurial Empowerment: Whether you're looking to launch a startup or climb the corporate ladder, we've got you covered.

  • Community & Collaboration: Engage with a vibrant community of peers, fostering collaborative learning and shared growth.

Hey Expert!

Ever wondered what it's like to effortlessly convert leads into loyal customers? 🚀 I've got a secret sauce for that! Let's chat about how our Lead-gen and Sales strategies can work wonders for your coaching business. Interested?